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Kohlrabi in Roux

Tubers and roots just fit fine together. The earthy taste of beet root is perfectly balanced by the sweet taste of steamed kohlrabi. My recommendation: steamed kohlrabi in vegan beetroot-roux sauce with beetroot foam and fresh parsley, white sesame and black Hawaii salt.





beetroot juice

almond mousse



Kohlrabi dices

Cut the kohlrabi in dices and steam it.

Wash and cut parsley.

Beetroot foam

Puree a beetroot with beetroot juice until it generates foam.

Vegan beetroot-roux

mix almond mouse with water, salt and a little bit of fresh beetroot juice. Heat it up and stir it until it gets creamy. The almond mousse will help to thicken the fluid because under heat it shows a similar reaction like starch powder.

For starters or as a main dish. Easy, fast and delicious.

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