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About Nadja Ruby

I am a passionate butler and chef, I love the diversity of the work. 

I have worked in service and gastronomy industry since I was 16 years old. I am never tired of this business, I love cooking, serving, and providing quality work. 


My „culinary career“ was shaped as a passion since I was in high school. In my free time, I worked in restaurant kitchens and practiced as a waiter. In 2015, I decided to shift my passion to a career, started training as a butler & private chef and changed my job from product designer to self-employed chef and butler.

My native language is German, I am fluent in English and can speak basic French. I have lived in Boston and Zurich and I have worked in France and London.

I hope to enrich your life by managing the daily tasks in your household. While I take care of these things you will have more time to use for your priorities.

Other talents...

  • experienced in using Adobe Suite 

  • confident in using Microsoft Office  

  • experienced in using Apple products

  • basic insights of tailoring

  • ability of drawing & sketching (study in industrial design)

  • basic training in tea ceremonies (Japan)

  • educated in several handcrafts (synthetic materials, wood, textiles)

When I am not working... will find me

  • in the kitchen (still)

  • in my garden 

  • playing field hockey  

  • on a surfboard

  • in nature training with freeletics 

  • traveling

  • camping

  • skiing 

  • reading books and papers about nutrition

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